All our sites have been chosen because of their excellent location.

We provide our clients with great access to the major road networks, good proximity to town centres and good visibility for passing trade. For more information on each location please click on the relevant link below.

What can the units be used for?
We believe we are flexible providers of space and most of our properties may be used for storage, workshops, warehousing, distribution and Trade Counters. A few premises are for Office Accommodation also one or two have full Retail Use. It is not our intention to restrict the use of any property but specified use will have to be compatible and agreed before occupying.

What type of contract do we have to sign?
There are various types of agreements available but the most popular is our Tenancy Agreement allowing easy in – easy out terms with a minimum of one months notice to vacate.

How much does a Unit cost?
It all depends on what site and what size of unit is required. Each unit has its own rental figure.

What sort of Deposit is required?
Normally no deposit is required but depending on the type of Agreement most rentals are monthly in advance.

What other costs are involved?
Again it all depends on what site you are making enquiries about. Most utility bills are payable by the Tenant and there may also be building insurance to arrange.